Monday, February 16, 2009

It has been a crazy week! Last Monday they called from the ENT and asked what day would be best for Tucker's surgery. Of course I told them ASAP! She then said "how about Wednesday?" I told her that would be fine with us. Then on Tuesday they were supposed to call and tell us all the info. Instead we got a call from the ENT office that said that our deductible was not met so we needed to pay $380 or they would not even schedule the surgery! Well, then came the insurance battle. It turns out that my husband's insurance which will remain nameless, applied almost $300 worth of claims to our deductible that should have been paid claims and was still showing that our deductible was not met!! I was on the phone for what felt like 100 years. Finally, they told me that they would just have to resubmit all the claims that had come through and then adjust all of the other ones. I was not happy because the lady that I talked with told me that this would take between 10-14 days and it would still say that our deductible was not met if any surgery claims started coming through before they got all that mess fixed! So much for all that.. on the day of the surgery we arrived at Children's about 8:15 and when we stepped out of the elevator on the outpatient surgery waiting room their were people waiting in the hallway because the waiting room was FULL!! We were scheduled to be there at 8:30 and they finally called us back at 10:30 to start the surgery. Tucker did very well!! The only thing that he did not care for was the IV in his arm. I went into the recovery room and I could hear him crying and saying take it out!! He did not calm down until they did and then he went right to sleep. He slept for the hour that we had to be at the hospital and then all the way home. When we got home he woke up and ate almost 3 pieces of pizza! He was a hungry boy! By that evening he was playing like normal. He has only run a very low fever 3 times and he finally has clear snot!! NO MORE GREEN SNOT!! YEAH!!!

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