Thursday, May 20, 2010

how time flies...

i did not even realize how long it had been... there have been so many things that have happened since last July. My step-dad passed away on Valentine's Day this year. He fought his cancer with all his might but it was just not enough. i was glad that he got to spend one more Thanksgiving and Christmas with us. It was good for all of us to have that time with him. He is missed everyday but i know that he is with God looking down on us and watching out for us. i was amazed to see how the kids reacted to it.. i was afraid that it would upset them to know that he was gone but the Saturday after he passed we were at mom's and McKenna and Tucker were playing. I saw McKenna whisper to Tucker and I heard him say "but papaw is not here!", mom overheard them and said "no, where is papaw?" and Tucker looked at us like we had two heads and said "he is with Jesus!". if only we could see it with those eyes, it is as simple as that!

McKenna started and finished first grade. she is out of school for the summer. she did pretty well in school. she just needs to be still and listen. it amazes me the things that she is already doing...reading, math, and her favorite "phonics". that is the one that she complained about the most. she is growing so fast. she was 7 on May 9th. i experienced my first field trip being the chaperone. it was fun, being the one in charge. i had a great group to be in charge of it is fun to see her with all her little friends. She is such a good kid, she is very tender hearted though, she gets that from me. She told me, through her tears this morning that a little girl at daycare made fun of her papaw that died. I told her that the next time someone wants to say something about him to just look at them and tell them that he is in heaven and better off than all of us.

Tucker is a mess. He got to move to a new class at school since he is 3. He got a black eye this week from another kid, who by the way, is exactly like Tucker. I automatically asked him what he did that bad of me to think that Tucker provoked it? i don't think that it is, i don't like to see these moms that jump and scream about what happened to you and all that crap. I think that most everything that happens to us happens because of something that we have done. don't think that telling a lie today won't come back and bite you 5 years from now because it might! life is funny that way.

My best friend from school had her first baby this year, he is so cute. Now, my best friend from not to long ago is about to have a baby. i am so excieted to meet both babies and leave them right where they are. i have no desire to have another child right now, possibly ever, time will tell. right now the two that i have are more than enough...

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